Friday, January 16, 2009

my window

That's right. I sleep by that window you see. Can you see the frozen ice inside. My tired body lays right by that window. Talk about lame!!! Talk about cold!!! Well luckily it has warmed up recently and that window froze only once, but I took action and took pictures and sent them to the landlord. They have not fixed a cracked window in our appartment, nor the screen that is bent. Well i've had enough of landlords... I definately want to own my own house!

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kididaho said...

You need a down comforter! That makes me cold just thinking about it! go to IKEA and get yourself a $20 Down Comf. You will sleep better and Warmer! I worry for your now. no wonder you are getting so many colds, you sleep in the cold! love you, Bec