Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ninja Strike

Ben's friend Grant turned 23 the other day, we couldn't just give him a card like normal people, we had to put on our ninja attire, make shyurkens (chinese paper stars to attack with), and blitz his birthday party in progress. Ben was the lead ninja and led the group of 5 of us into mortal combat. We survived and so did the birthday boy. Earlier that day Ben taught me how to fold the paper stars, and I got a little too into it and could not stop my hands from folding. I'm now a professional and was sure to make one for each of my roommates. We stayed in our ninja gear for the dollar movie- yes we looked silly, and no we did not throw any stars at the ticket master.

How can I have some more if I haven't had any?

Like and good kid- we all remember those quotable moments from Sandlot. FOORREEVVEERR. Well last friday it was date night with the Apkens and Stephen and his friend Amy. We made 'smores up in the Canyon and enjoyed the neighboring asian group who played great music for us to dance to. The other highlight of the night was a group who were litterally practicing their lightsaber skills. Ben thought it would be funny to put a blanket over my head and pretend to be a Star Wars character, I did so and walked up to the practicing Jedi. They tapped me with their lightsaber (on accident I think) and didn't even acknowledge I was there. They were dead serious about their practice. It was hilarious!

she is adorable

Mackenzie makes the cutest faces.


Amy is so kind and bought me an identical shirt to the one she bought. We arranged to wear them one of the days while in California. Well a funny thing happened- Brooklyn needed an extra pair of clothes after spilling on herself, so she borrowed some of Carlee's clothes and they got to be twinners too!

THE gun

Dad pulled out the big guns when meeting Ben. This was Dads chance to scare Ben with all of the many weapons we have in the house.... well I guess not, because Dad is smiling and these are all of the weapons we have in the house. The highlight was MY gun (yes- brother ben, it is MY gun). This is the gun I won at the ducks unlimited dinner before my mission (which has never been used). It is also known as the dowry gun- the lucky man who ties the knot with me, gets to have it. (Oh lucky him).

"It's your big day..."

Dad- after the birthday party listening to one of mom's cards. This one sang, so Dad wanted surround sound.

Salt Flats

For boys, the salt flats are
one of the coolest things in the world. Ben pretended to lick the salt. Ben and Cameron had a bonding moment on those salt flats. Who knows what they talked about, probably one of life's greatest mysteries... girls.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Palm Tree

Since I have spring fever, I decided to add a Palm tree to the blog. I am ready for spring and mostly ready for summer and to be able to go back to california again and see all those palm trees.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rock Climin'

We are obviously not really climbing in this first picture, be we did really climb for 2 hours! Ben is a monkey and had fun climbing all over the indoor gym in Provo. We had a great two for one deal and plus I borrowed my roommates harness, so no rental needed. We went with Paul and Natalie (Paul is Ben's roommate and expert rock climber). After climbing we had free soda and dessert at the Tango House in celebration of their change of owners. We felt like we should buy more because they were giving us free stuff, so did we really save? Whatever happened we left there pretty happy about our outing!