Sunday, January 25, 2009

Draper Temple Open House

Saturday Ben and I (along with Danielle, her husband and the recently baptized German and Cindy Rodriguez) went to the Draper Temple Open House. It was raining most of the day, but that did not damper the spirit that was felt. It was the neated feeling to be there with little kids (the Rodriguez kids) and new converts. I especially loved sharing that moment with great friends. The temple is an amazing place and the celestial room inside this temple has gotten special attention because of the incredibly high ceiling, gorgeous chandelier! I loved every moment! Perfect way to spend a saturday!


kididaho said...

Stacie I am so excited to see the Draper temple! it sounds awesome! What an awesome day!

Vanina said...

yo se que no vas a contestarme,y ya se porque,pero ejem,ejem,quien es Ben? eu odeio nao saber de voce...
ya esta,lo se,quizas el sea parte de tu flia eterna y yo no.
odio q mis amigos gringos vuelvan a ser tan gringos.
Quizas solo deba de preocuparme por los sudamericanos.