Friday, January 16, 2009

My 1 credit class- Public Health

I am taking an intro to public health class this semester. It is one of the two classess I am taking. The other class is a family history class. I know- tough life I lead. I am working 30 hours too by the way. Well this picture is an assignment for my class. We had to take this sticker and put it on something that is an example of public health. Since I don't like to litter, I didn't actually stick the sticker on, I just set it there for the picture. The picture is the plumbing of my kitchen sink. Amy I thought you would enjoy my creativity. I realize this exposes just how messy the area is under the kitchen sink, but that's ok. I can live with that. This is my public service announcement- BE GRATEFUL FOR CLEAN WATER!!!!! the end.

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