Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy 3 months!

Supprise!! Ben and I have been dating 3 months and he is amazing at remembering month-versaries. He is amazing! The night before he worked it out with my roommate and stole my keys while I was sleeping to put 90 sticky notes for 90 days of dating in my car. The pictures aren't what it actually looked like, we had to reinact it because that next morning I had to pull them down in a hurry, because I was almost late for work. Later that night I had made dinner and we took it on a picnic in the canyon (it had snowed). I only forgot the forks and the plates, no big deal! Haha.. I made porkchops, biscuits, salad - dessert were banana cream pie pudding cups and to drink little bottles of Martinellis apple cider. It was so fun!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Mission Reunion!

Last saturday night I got to participate in the making of empanadas and preparing for our mission reunion. It's been 2 years since I have been home, so a lot of the sisters I had never met before were there. It was fun to see our friend Ani from Argentina here in the states getting ready to swim for BYU. Ben even tried Mate and had some empanadas with the rest of us wanna-be argentines.

Thanks to Ben's Dad

We went to General Conference this past weekend. Ben's Dad sent us the tickets (which are hard to come by even though they are free- thank you Brother Cheney). We had a great time watching teh saturday morning session with Ganel, Rob and the kids. We went to the saturday afternoon session and enjoyed the great weather outside. Sunday we watched the morning session at my apartment with my roommate Joyce and then the afternoon session with Danielle and Matt at their house- with the ginormous TV. I was locked out of my apartment after that, so we went to the park for a while and had a great time enjoying the sun.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Festival of Colors...my hair is still pink

This is one of the craziest festivals I have ever been to. It was at the Hare Krishna Temple (reminded me a lot of Yuba City Punjabis). Everyone from everywhere comes to the festival to celebrate with these kind people. The deal is you buy bags of chalky stuff (it is a fundraiser for the temple) and at a certain time everyone throws their chalk. The chalk was sold out, so we just ran through other peoples chalk. It was so great!!!!! My hair is still pink ( a little embarrassing going to work with pink hair). We had a blast! We got to feed llamas and weird minuture cows with hump backs (maybe they are part camel?).

BYU Rugby

Ben has a few BYU rugby friends, so we went to cheer them on! It was a super cold night, but we braved the weather and all sat close to keep warm. We won 66 to 20 against the University of Utah. BYU is number two in the nation behind UC Berkley (imagine that- GO CAL). We had fun watching a game we really knew/know nothing about, but it was exciting none the less. The other guy in the picture is Ben's roommate Bryan- we had fun singing the songs that were being played over the loud speaker!