Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy 3 months!

Supprise!! Ben and I have been dating 3 months and he is amazing at remembering month-versaries. He is amazing! The night before he worked it out with my roommate and stole my keys while I was sleeping to put 90 sticky notes for 90 days of dating in my car. The pictures aren't what it actually looked like, we had to reinact it because that next morning I had to pull them down in a hurry, because I was almost late for work. Later that night I had made dinner and we took it on a picnic in the canyon (it had snowed). I only forgot the forks and the plates, no big deal! Haha.. I made porkchops, biscuits, salad - dessert were banana cream pie pudding cups and to drink little bottles of Martinellis apple cider. It was so fun!

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