Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day with Ben!

Lunch at "The Tango House" (Argentine Food). The first half of the day was planned by me. So ofcourse we ate the best food in the world! We ate so much food, and it was so fun to just relax and not be pressed for time. There were pictures up on the walls of streets I have been down in Argentina. The food was soooo good and tasted just like Argentina. We took home boxes of leftovers.
We drove for about 20 minutes in the snow, and then all of a sudden it stopped snowing and it was blue skies. It was amazing! Heavenly Father knew we didn't want to be driving in the snow. We got to Salt Lake and found a lady to take our picture. The funny thing is she was more particular about how the picture was taken than we were. She was quite professional about it! We need her to take all of our pictures! It was Ben's first time going to the Salt Lake Temple- so he was very excited and looked like a kid in a candy store! I love him!
After getting home from Salt Lake he needed an hour to get things ready, so I went home and he took off with my picnic table (from my car- yes Honda CRV's come with picnic tables). I watched some "Sweet Home Alabama" changed into some jeans and delivered some Valentines to friends. He came and picked me up and he smelt like food! I was hungry, so we jumped in the car and he drove us to campus. We had to find an open door first and once we did we walked up to a chemistry room where I had sacrament meeting all last year! It was so perfect! He had a table set up, with a fake fireplace dvd going on in the background that gave off just enough light! (I'm glad he is obedient and didn't have any flames in the room, even the candles were battery lit). He gave me a framed picture of us and a dozen red roses. Our perfect Valentines Day!!!!


Ganel-Lyn Condie said...

You kow Rob proposed at the SL Temple fountain..... hint... jk. How come Ben has never been to that temple? Did you do a session? What a sweet and romatic Valentines. POINTS from the big sister BEN!

Matt and Dani said...

YAY!!! We love you both for sure!