Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween warm up

Halloween is just around the corner. We had an FHE activity where we carved pumpkins. These are my two room mates- Lindsay and Joyce (both way fun girls from Utah). Lindsay is my room-room mate and we decided on carving a happy and mean pumpkin. Don't look to far into the fact that I'm holding the mean one.
I've decided on a costume. "Cougerette"- one of the dancers from the famous BYU dance team. I've just got to work on the outfit and then wear lots of makeup. Our ward has a halloween party next thursday, but not the actual halloween day, so we'll see what I do.
Last night I went on a Halloween Cruise. So fun! Down the provo river!


Amy said...

yeah! a blog all about you. love it.

Tyler M. said...

Looks great Stace. This is a great way to keep in contact with friends.

Rachel said...

I'm only SLIGHTLY offended that you never told me that you had a blog...only slightly.